ImageTen days before Christmas 12 turkeys in hand
At just after 7 the lunch was all planned
Bob, Jason, and Mike chopped the turkeys with care
They knew that guests would soon be all there

Mary Lou and Jameel were chopping “real nice”
And Scarlett was making the most perfect rice
T’was our last lunch of the year for the folks at Fort York
Chef Bob‘s Rotary elves were hard at their work



Mike cut the turkey and roasted the parts
Jason’s apple onion stuffing- a true work of art
Just as the second crew arrived at the place
The power went off- it was dark in the space

But Rotary folks are not to be swayed
The best of a bad thing how quickly they made
We needed a fuse – a 250 amp
Not the kind that will power a TV or lamp

So Danielle and Chris her sweetheart of a beau
Went forth on a road trip to E-tobicoke
No time did we waste not a moment of dread
Mary Lou arranged spices from “A” unto zed

ImageThe group had a convo to see what to do
We came up with a plan to get one course through
Some turkey was done and potatoes were mashed
Roasted beets at the ready and the salad was dressed

The folks at Fort York moved some fuses with cause
And Jameel turned cold soup into pois vichyssoise
Then out of the snow Chris and Danielle appeared
They had the new fuse-the guests in line cheered

On Robert, on Sandie, on Joanne and Jim
On Mike and Jameel-this challenge we’ll win
We lined up for service we all had our places
Joanne at the salad and Jim with the pastries

ImageAt number 185 we had fed all the guests
And now was the time to clean up the mess
Water was heated on the now working stove
Into dishes as high as a scotch pine we dove

We all left the Food bank tired right to the bone
Through the new fallen snow we all headed home
Happy our meal at Fort York was enjoyed
Sad that it’s needed- but glad Rotary deployed.

As we dug out our cars and got on our way
Thoughts of Merry Christmas to all and a fine Holiday