Proud Sponsors of Rotaract

The Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise is a proud sponsor of the D7070 Rotaract Club of Toronto.  

There is excitement brewing in Rotary District 7070! The District Rotaract Chair, Neil Phillips, officially announced at the Rotary District Conference that the district is creating a Rotaract E-Club. An e-club is an internet-based club that meets virtually and conducts its projects and events through the web. Our district wants to grow its Rotaract membership base while addressing the need to retain Rotaractors leaving their academic-based clubs upon graduation. There is a missed opportunity here seeing as approximately 5% of Rotaractors worldwide join Rotary. An e-club will help bridge this gap as graduating Rotaractors can still be members regardless of where they move to after they complete their studies. The club will offer Rotaractors a chance to get involved and make a difference without the commute and provide the opportunity to mingle with Rotaractors across the district. The President-elect designate is Anmol Mirpuri, a Rotaractor from the Rotaract Club of York University. She is very excited to begin the journey of establishing a new club!

To receive more information regarding the e-club, please fill out this form. We challenge all Rotarians in our district to reach out to any Rotaractors from clubs you have sponsored, who may no longer be involved. Contact RYLA participants and past youth exchange students who have returned from abroad. These individuals are the future of Rotary and we need to try our best to keep them engaged and involved.

Stay tuned for more details about the charter night for the first Rotaract E-Club in District 7070!


Anmol Mirpiri
President Elect, 2015-16 D7070 Rotaract Club of Toronto


Neil Phillips
District Governor Nominee, 2017-18
Rotaract Chair at Rotary International District 7070


Clark Ferguson
President, 2015-16
President Elect, 2016-17