Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise is preparing to Rev Up Rotary.  This Collaboration and Communication project is designed to provide foundational processes and services to empower Rotarians, improving our focus on community initiatives and reducing the associated administrative burden.

"Start Your Engines!" - Launching and Aligning

The project was launched in October 2015 with the support of past, present, and future District Governors of District 7070.  Shortly after their endorsement, the project was presented to the District Executive and a core group of project members identified.
Over the last 4 months the foundation has been prepared to drive the project forward.  Conversations with Rotary International have clarified the international IT strategy and plan within which the project will seek to align.  These conversations included leaders are RI in the Learning Centre, Discussion Groups, and Club Marketplace areas.  
A review of the Learning Centre was conducted to consider how project work could align with and leverage this RI service.  The team identified exciting work which has been undertaken between Rotary Great Britain and Ireland and RI, to increase the amount of training available and to prepare standards, guidelines and processes.  
A meeting with ClubRunner leaders was conducted to learn about their product roadmap and to consider alignment opportunities.  ClubRunner has delivered a number of new capabilities in this period, which have been incorporated into the Rotary Toronto Sunrise website.

"The Open Road!" - Heading to the Cloud

A review of free or low cost internet services has been conducted and a set of early technical solutions identified.  These services include:  Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Hangouts, Flickr (Rotary Toronto Sunrise), Facebook (Rotary Toronto Sunrise), and HipChat (Rotary Toronto Sunrise).
A pilot framework for club cloud services has been implemented by the Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise.  Club Records are organized in Google Drive.  Club and Project meetings are supported by Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets.  Club photos including photos of all visiting Rotarian banners are mounted in Flickr.  Club social media presence has been established using Facebook.  In addition, Club communications has been augmented with HipChat.

"Planning Our Route!" - Pilots Underway

Pilot processes have been developed by the Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise.  These processes include:  
  • Members Online tracking worksheet (to drive towards 100% of members enrolled in My Rotary);
  • Member Training and Certification (to track Rotary Leadership Institute training and other community related training and certifications);
  • Membership Development (similar to a business funnel for tracking new members);
  • Presidential Citation (a worksheet to help distribute responsibilities for completing associated activities);
  • Program Planning (a worksheet to assist with planning club meetings and events); and
  • Club Dashboard (which gathers the summary data from all previously mentioned process worksheets.

"Get Into Gear!" - Ready For You To Adopt

The Presidential Citation worksheet process has been successfully used within Rotary Toronto Sunrise in the 2015-2016 year.  The template and instructions have been prepared for the Presidential Citation for 2016-2017.  This process is now ready for others to review and adopt.
The project is working to prepare eLearning content for the Presidential Citation worksheet process, and instructions and templates for the processes noted above.  The goal is to release additional process material every few weeks.

"Rally Time!" - Join the Project

To support the project, please complete the Participant Enrollment Form.  We look forward to your contribution to help us Rev Up Rotary!