Executive Summary

Rotary Toronto Sunrise, in partnership with Rotary District 7070, has undertaken a project to improve collaboration and communications.

Communication and Collaboration processes are important for Rotary clubs, and the communities, and projects in which we are engaged.  Advances in internet services which facilitate these processes are being adopted widely by individuals, community organizations and businesses.

Rotary International has commissioned a variety of new internet services to improve:  club access to information in an increasing variety of mediums; club access and management of program information; and individual club member networking.  Rotary Clubs within District 7070, and the District leadership have begun to incorporate a range of internet services into club processes, however there is no consistency or standardization.  This is a significant barrier to achieving the full potential of these internet services, and potential benefits to our community and project initiatives.

Past, present, and future District Governors of District 7070 have established a multi-year strategic initiative focusing on Communication and Collaboration improvements.

Initiative / Purpose

The Communication and Collaboration strategic improvement initiative is proposed as a District 7070 project.

The purpose is to establish a multi-year improvement program guided by volunteers from across the District to assist clubs who chose to opt-in to the program by achieving communication and collaboration improvements.  The project will identify needs, evaluate alternatives, recommend standardized solutions, provide training, and measure benefits achieved.


This strategic initiative supports District strategic objectives related to:  membership diversification; creation of pathways between Interact, Rotaract, and Rotary; professional development; and local and international project effectiveness.

The following are ways in which benefits will be achieved:

  1. Young people developing skills and experience will benefit from new process standards, providing electronic life skills which will assist them in their education, and early career transition.  

  2. Professionals who are membership prospects will be attracted to participate in Rotary clubs to learn emerging internet service skills, valuable in both their work, and in their volunteer initiatives.  

  3. Existing members will learn new skills in which process effectiveness has been achieved, minimizing administrative burdens, and allowing them to focus their volunteer efforts on community needs.  

  4. Projects undertaken by clubs with local and international partners will be strengthened through standardized processes, enabling volunteers to focus their efforts on the beneficiaries of the projects.

Measuring Success

Over the years Rotary has taken great pride by bringing together business leaders, fostering community work, but also strengthening individual business networks.  This strategic initiative will place Rotary District 7070 at the forefront of adopting internet services with wide reaching business and community benefits.  As clubs embrace the initiative and adopt the processes, success will be measured through club satisfaction surveys, membership growth, improved retention of Interact/Rotaract/Rotary pathway member transitions, and the number of clubs who are participating in the initiative.  Additional benefits which may be more difficult to measure will be delivered through improved record keeping, project delivery effectiveness, and increases in cross club/cross district collaborative communication.

To Participate

Rotary Toronto Sunrise welcomes new members, Interact/Rotaract/Rotary clubs, or Districts to join the project. Please use the Participant Enrollment Form.

The left side of this page contains Process solutions which have already been developed, or are under development. We invite visitors to review the information and to adopt the solutions. Material is provided under a Creative Commons license (see below), freely available for reuse. Please cite the origin of the information and encourage others to participate in the project. Feedback and suggestions are welcomed, via the "Contact Us" button, entering "Processes - Feedback" in the Subject line.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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