The Canadian Landmine Foundation is a registered charity with a mission to raise awareness and funds to end human and economic suffering caused by anti-personnel landmines. In 2010, our mission statement changed to include all landmines, not just anti-personnel landmines. We partner with other charitable organizations that meet our standards and help relieve the global and continued suffering of countries plagued with landmines and their victims.
The Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise has supported the Canadian Landmine Foundation for many years.  Each year, we save lives by hosting an hors d’oeuvres fundraising evening to support the landmine eradication efforts of the Foundation.
For further information on the Canadian Landmine Foundation, please contact the club.
- See more at: http://rotarytorontosunrise.com/SitePage/initiatives/canadian-landmine-foundation#sthash.R7vKVtzD.dpuf