The Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise is known for providing both financial and hands-on supports to organizations we support.
Annually, we supply books and participate in a Reading Circle program where we read with children on a weekly basis. Our speakers are invited to sign a children’s book, which is donated to the program to augment the library. 
In addition to raising funds to improve the kitchen facilities at the Fort York Food Bank, we prepare a hot meal on the second Saturday of each month for over 120 food bank guests.
Internationally, we are currently in partnership with Transforming Faces to support a vocational training project in Thailand.  
Each year, we save lives by hosting an hors d’oeuvres fundraising evening to support the landmine eradication efforts of the Canadian Landmine Foundation.
As part of Rotary International, our club supports Polio Eradication, a long term program to eliminate this crippling and potentially fatal disease.