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156 Centennial Park Rd
etobicoke, ON

The Etobicoke Rotary’s Ribfest over Canada Day Weekend is a fun event and a great way to fundraise for our Club Year in 2019-2010.  In fact, this is our major fundraising effort.  Etobicoke Rotary pays $1000 for a fully-staffed four-hour shift at each of the six-person south and east gates, and $500 for each four-hour shift at the 3-person north gate.  That works out to a return for the club of over $40 per volunteer hour.  In past years, this has generated up to $10,000 to support our annual projects.  THIS IS A CRITICAL EVENT to support a successful RCTS year!   Please be generous with your time and attendance, and consider bringing family and friends to help out.  Up to fifteen volunteers are needed for each of the eleven time slots.


Etobicoke Rotary has indicated they are open to support as many RCTS gate volunteers as we can offer.


Basically, the volunteer work entails accepting donations from the Ribfest attendees.  There is no admission fee, just a request for a “donation to Rotary”.  Attendees are very generous.  Gate volunteers are provided a T-shirt and Apron to collect donations.  Security Guards also supervise the gates, and the only requirement is for an ability to “ASK” for a donation from each person entering through the Gate.


Please sign up early, as Etobicoke Rotary would like a commitment by late next week.  They have also asked if we would like to “own” one of the time slots.