October 30, 2018 - Toronto Sunrise' current 3-year international commitment of $10,000 is to Transforming Faces, a Canadian registered charity that equips local teams to provide comprehensive cleft lip and palate care that is accessible for all.  More about what Transforming Faces does is here. Courtney Mollenhauer visited us this morning with an update on Transforming Faces' current work at Yekatit 12 Hospital in Ethiopia.  Left to right: Club President Ian, Courtney and Past District Governor Jim.
Children born with cleft lip and palate deserve to be supported every step of the way. Comprehensive cleft care, which we often take for granted in North America, makes that possible.  Comprehensive care includes:
  • Access to safe, timely surgery;
  • Ongoing speech therapy to develop clear speech and self-confidence;
  • Social support to help patients and their families along the way.
Cleft lip and palate is a serious condition, but its challenges can be overcome!  Transforming Faces (https://transformingfaces.org/) is a Canadian registered charity whose vision for children with cleft lip and palate is full inclusion into their community, so they can pursue their hopes and dreams.
Transforming Faces does this by equipping local teams to provide comprehensive cleft lip and palate care and ensuring it is accessible for all, including travel, food and accommodation for patients and families long distances from treatment. Current projects and partnerships are in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, India, Peru, Myanmar and Thailand.
The Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise has committed $10,000, and together with other Rotary Clubs and matching grants has raised over $25,000 for Transforming Faces, helping over 400 children at Yekatit 12 Hospital in Ethiopia.
Transforming Faces' administrative costs are met by a private foundation, so 100% of all donations they receive go directly to cleft lip and palate work in the field.