The Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise has begun a journey to Rev Up Rotary.
The club has initiated a Collaboration and Communication project designed to provide foundational processes and services to empower Rotarians, improving our focus on community initiatives and reducing the associated administrative burden.
Communication and Collaboration processes are important for Rotary clubs, and the communities, and projects in which we are engaged.  Advances in internet services which facilitate these processes are being adopted widely by individuals, community organizations and businesses. 
A review of free or low cost internet services is being conducted and a set of early technical solutions identified.  These services include:  Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Hangouts, Flickr (Rotary Toronto Sunrise), Facebook (Rotary Toronto Sunrise), and HipChat (Rotary Toronto Sunrise).
"Rally Time!" - Join the Project
To support the project, please complete the Participant Enrollment Form.  We look forward to your contribution to help us Rev Up Rotary!