Supporting the Fort York Food Bank has long been one of our most exciting volunteer opportunities.  Coldest Night of the Year - a walk on the night of February 28th, 2022 was a great opportunity to raise funds.  We're delighted that our small but mighty club managed to raise $2045.  All thanks to our Team Members:  Mary Lou Harrison, Jim Louttit, Nitin Sharma, Ana Lankarani and of course our trusty mascot:  Stompin' Teddy.
You could something exciting was happening from the buzz in the air at the Fort York Food Bank on Saturday night.  Not just buzz - we had a genuine Scottish bagpiper to cheer everyone on their way!  Our Team did the whole 5 km walk - and while it may not have been the "Coldest Night of the Year" it was certainly cold!
The RCTS was 9th in a field of 34 teams walking for the Fort York Food Bank.  With the help of generous donors, we raised $2045.  That's "cool" - not "cold" as in night of!
Stompin' Teddy enjoyed the walk (with the team's help" and is now resting his paws chez Mary-Lou!