Club Meeting Overview


Club meetings follow a standard agenda format as follows.


7:15 a.m.

Members and guests gather at 7:15 a.m. for informal introductions, networking conversation, and to begin breakfast, which is laid out in a continental buffet.

7:30 a.m.

The Club President calls the meeting to order and the group sings the Canadian National Anthem.

Introductions.  Visiting Rotarians and Guests are welcomed and invited to provide a brief introduction.


Announcements.  A short meeting is conducted to share current club events, upcoming club and local rotary activities, and conduct club business.

7:50 a.m.

Speaker.  A member of the club will introduce our speaker.  The speaker will provide a 15 to 20 minute presentation and take questions for approximately 5 minutes.

8:20 a.m.

Thank-you.  A member of the club will thank the speaker and invite the speaker to sign a children’s book, which the club will donate to our Reading Circle program on behalf of the speaker.

Closing Activities.  A ticket is drawn on the club weekly fifty/fifty draw.  The individual possessing the winning ticket will draw a card from the remaining deck.  If the Joker is drawn, the individual wins the fifty/fifty pot.

Happy Bucks.  Members are invited to deposit a Lunnie or Toonnie and share a happy personal thought.

8:29 a.m.

Adjourn.  The Club President closes the meeting.