Welcome Message from the Club Presidents


Welcome to the Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise website! While here, you will learn more about our vibrant and energetic service club. We are one of nearly 34,000 worldwide Rotary Clubs in over 250 countries. Our particular club is comprised of individuals from varied business/professional backgrounds who share a passion for serving our community and enjoying the friendships that naturally develop from working alongside each other in service. We meet each Tuesday at 7:15 a.m. in the Shopsy’s  Downtown/Quinn's Steakhouse & Irish Bar (east of the Sheraton Centre hotel lobby), 96 Richmond St W, Toronto. After a breakfast of fruit, granola, and toasted bagels and an interesting program, you will be on your way to work by 8:30 a.m.

The Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise is known for providing both financial and hands-on supports to organizations we support.  In addition to raising funds to improve the kitchen facilities at the Fort York Food Bank, we prepare a hot meal on the second Saturday of each month for over 120 food bank guests. Internationally, we are currently in partnership with Transforming Faces to support a vocational training project in Thailand.  Annually, we supply books and participate in a Reading Circle program where we read with children on a weekly basis. Our speakers are invited to sign a children’s book, which is donated to the program to augment the library. Each year, we save lives by hosting an hors d’oeuvres fundraising evening to support the landmine eradication efforts of the Canadian Landmine Foundation. Our hands-on efforts have also included painting a community centre at a children’s camp, building with Habitat for Humanity, gathering personal supplies for a women’s centre, shopping for Holiday Helpers, and much more.

Additionally, our club each year participates in other events for the benefit of children and our community. Things like food drives, book drives, social events, micro grants to local charities, scholarships, and international service all combine to make the Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise one of the most enjoyable and worthwhile service organizations around.

If you would like to learn more about our club or how you can become a member, please contact any of us at the email addresses below. You can also check our club's facebook page and send us a message there too.



Bob Butterill

Past President



Michael Sprung

Past President


Clark Ferguson


President Elect